Сonsent to the collection of personal data and the using of the Materials of the performance

1. I hereby confirm that I have read and agreed to the Offer agreement for a limited number of individuals from 21.03.2020. (Offer, Agreement), which is proposed for conclusion by the Conference «Money of the Future» and is published at https://money-future.org

2. I confirm that I am the sole owner of all rights to the Performance Materials.  I have not violated the intellectual property rights of third parties, I have permission to use all the Performance Materials.  

I undertake to notify the Organizer in writing about all materials of the third parties contained in the Performance Materials. 

3. I give to the Organizer full consent to the processing, management, storage and transfer of personal information collected from the Performance Materials, including supporting information such as name, voice, photo and biographical information (collectively, «Support Information»), to third parties for authorized use, as well as the right to take photos and videos of my performance.  

4.  I give to the Organizer  the right to use the Performance Material in the following ways:

1) the right to use the Performance Materials under the Organizer’s trade name and trademark;

2) the right to publish the Performance Materials, that is, to communicate information in any form or by any means to an undefined number of persons;

3) the right of representation of the Performance Materials for the general access in telecommunication networks (Internet or other networks) at which unlimited number of users can carry out access to Performance Materials from any place and at any time on their own choice;

4) the right to reproduce the Performance Materials (to duplicate, copy or otherwise reproduce them) without restriction of circulation;

5) the right to distribute the Performance Materials both online and offline by any means without territorial or temporal restrictions;

6) the right to use publicly the Performance Materials and to demonstrate them for information, advertising and other purposes;

7) the right to include the Performance Materials, its elements and products created on its basis, as components in collections, which can be developed by the Organizer under the name and trademark of the Organizer;

8) other use at the discretion of the Organizer.

 The consent is unlimited.  

5. I waive  claims of financial and other nature against the Organizer in connection with the use of the Performance Materials.